Rapid detection of aneuploidy in Musa using flow cytometry

Roux, N.; Toloza, A.; Radecki, Z.; Zapata-Arias, F. J.; Doležel, Jaroslav
PLANT CELL REPORTS 21: 483-490, 2003

Klíčová slova: banana; flow cytometry; nuclear DNA content
Abstrakt: The procedure for rapid and convenient detection of aneuploidy in triploid Musa using DNA flow cytometry was reported. From a population of plants derived from gamma-irradiated shoot tips, plants were selected based on aberrant morphology and their chromosome numbers were counted. The nuclear DNA content of all plants were measured using flow cytometry. The classification based on flow cytometry fully agreed with the results obtained by chromosome counting. The results indicated that flow cytometry is a convenient and rapid method for the detection of aneuploidy in Musa.
Autoři z ÚEB: Jaroslav Doležel