Redox-responsive nanoparticles self-assembled from porphyrin-betulinic acid conjugates for chemo- and photodynamic therapy

Özdemir Z., Yang M., Kim G., Bildziukevich U., Šaman D., Li X., Yoon J., Wimmer Z.
DYES AND PIGMENTS 190: 109307, 2021

Klíčová slova: ROS, Photodynamic therapy, Redox-responsive, Tumour targeting, Self-assembled nanoparticles
Abstrakt: The redox-responsive nanoparticle (NanoP-ss-BA) is designed by linking the porphyrin derivative (P) to the naturally occurring betulinic acid (BA) through a disulphide bond. A GSH triggered disassembly of NanoP-ss-BA effectively promotes a singlet oxygen (1O2) production, but also releases lipophilic anticancer drug, BA in situ. Beside this, high phototoxicity of NanoP-ss-BA serves it as a good candidate for photodynamic therapy (PDT).
DOI: 10.1016/j.dyepig.2021.109307
Autoři z ÚEB: Uladzimir Bildziu..., Zulal Özdemir, Zdeněk Wimmer