Regulation of metabolic pathways PVY-RNA biosynthesis in tobacco: host´s RNA degradation

Šindelářová, Milada; Šindelář, Luděk
BIOLOGIA PLANTARUM 49 [2]: 309-312, 2005

Klíčová slova: Nicotiana tabacum L.; phosphodiesterase; phosphomonoesterase
Abstrakt: Tobacco plants infected with the potato virus Y (PVY) were studied during the acute-infection period. The kontrol enzymes of metabolic pathway of host´s RNA degradation tending to biosynthesis of PVY-RNA, its coarse/fine regulation and content of host´s RNA were monitored. Activities of ribonucleases, phosphomonoesterases and phosphodiesterases in both the crude homogenates and the partially purified enzyme preparations from the diseased leaves were markedly increased when compared to the tissues from healthy plants. The curves of enzyme activities positively correlated with the multiplication curve of the PVY and negatively correlated with the decreased contents of host´s RNA. The enzyme activity in homogenate samples did not significantly differ from the corresponding purified enzyme preparations.
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