Genome size estimation of three endemic plant taxa from Malta

Agius D.R., Čižkova J., Ebejer J.P., Fresta J., Lanfranco S., Doležel J., Farrugia R.
FLORA MEDITERRANEA 33: 215-224, 2023

Klíčová slova: Endemism, island biodiversity, genome size, Sedum, Cheirolophus, Anthyllis
Abstrakt: The Maltese archipelago has several endemic species adapted to an arid and hot climate. Due to its limited land area (316 km2) and high human population density most of these endemics are endangered or critically so. Few genomic studies have been carried out on this flora to date. The purpose of the present study was to estimate genome sizes (1C-values) of three of these endemic taxa using flow cytometry. The genome size of Cheirolophus crassifolius, was found to be 0.98 pg. This is the highest recorded value in this genus and does not fit published values and trends. The genome size of the octoploid Sedum album subsp. rupimelitense was found to be 1.05 pg and that of Anthyllis hermanniae subsp. melitensis 0.52 pg.
DOI: 10.7320/FlMedit33.215
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Autoři z ÚEB: Jana Čížková, Jaroslav Doležel