Impact of repetitive elements on the Y chromosome formation in plants

Hobza, R., Cegan, R., Jesionek, W., Kejnovsky, E., Vyskot, B., Kubat, Z.
GENES 8: 302, 2017

Klíčová slova: sex chromosomes; transposable elements; satellites; Y chromosome
Abstrakt: In contrast to animals, separate sexes and sex chromosomes in plants are very rare. Although the evolution of sex chromosomes has been the subject of numerous studies, the impact of repetitive sequences on sex chromosome architecture is not fully understood. New genomic approaches shed light on the role of satellites and transposable elements in the process of Y chromosome evolution. We discuss the impact of repetitive sequences on the structure and dynamics of sex chromosomes with specific focus on Rumex acetosa and Silene latifolia. Recent papers showed that both the expansion and shrinkage of the Y chromosome is influenced by sex-specific regulation of repetitive DNA spread. We present a view that the dynamics of Y chromosome formation is an interplay of genetic and epigenetic processes.
DOI: 10.3390/genes8110302
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Autoři z ÚEB: Roman Hobza