Effect of storage temperature and year on chips colour in transgenic lines of the potato variety Vladan

Vacek J., Bucher P., Navrátil O.
ÚRODA (VĚDECKÁ PŘÍLOHA) Conference Applied plant biotechnology (11.-13. September 2012 in Lednice) 9: 194-199, 2012

Klíčová slova: transgenic potato, reducing sugars, chips/crisps colour, Lactobacillus bulgaricus PFK gene
Abstrakt: Frying colour and oil content are the most important quality factors of potato chips. The colour is primarily influenced by reducing sugar (RS) content in raw tubers and oil content is influenced by dry matter. To prevent RS accumulation during storage the raw material is held at 8-10 °C and treated with chemical sprout inhibitors. The aim of the study was to develop the transgenic potatoes that do not accumulate RS at temperature inhibiting sprouting (seed storage regime 2-4 °C). Therefore bacterial gene LbPFK coding for cold-tolerant phosphofructokinase was introduced into the variety Vladan. Derived lines were grown in field trials during 2007-2009 and chips colour was objectively assessed three-times during storage period after frying test. Although the line V96-19 had the best colour compared to non-transformed Vladan, it did not constantly reach commercially desired level.
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