Excretion of polyamines in alfalfa and tobacco suspension-cultured cells and its possible role in maintenance of intracellular polyamine contents.

Cvikrová M., Gemperlová L., Eder J., Zažímalová E.
PLANT CELL REPORTS 27: 1147-1156, 2008

Klíčová slova: Arginine decarboxylase , Diamine oxidase, Ornithine decarboxylase, Extracellular polyamines
Abstrakt: Changes in polyamines (PAs) in cells and cultivation media of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) and tobacco bright yellow 2 (BY-2) (Nicotiana tabacum L.) cell suspension cultures were studied over their growth cycles. The total content of PAs (both free and conjugated forms) was nearly 10 times higher in alfalfa, with high level of free putrescine (Put) (in exponential growth phase it represented about 65–73% of the intracellular Put pool). In contrast, the high content of soluble Put conjugates was found in tobacco cells (in exponential phase about 70% of the intracellular Put). Marked differences occurred in the amount of PAs excreted into the cultivation medium: alfalfa cells excreted at the first day after inoculation 2117.0, 230.5, 29.0 and 88.0 nmol g-1 of cell fresh weight (FW) of Put, spermidine (Spd), spermine (Spm) and cadaverine (Cad), respectively, while at the same time tobacco cells excreted only small amount of Put and Spd (12.7 and 2.4 nmol g-1 FW, respectively). On day 1 the amounts of Put, Spd, Spm and Cad excreted by alfalfa cells represented 21, 38, 12 and 15% of the total pool (intra- plus extra-cellular contents) of Put, Spd, Spm and Cad, respectively. In the course of lag-phase and the beginning of exponential phase the relative contents of extracellular PAs continually decreased (with the exception of Cad). On day 10, the extracellular Put, Spd, Spm and Cad still represented 11.3, 10.9, 2.1 and 27% of their total pools. The extracellular PAs in tobacco cells represented from day 3 only 0.1% from their total pools. The possible role of PA excretion into the cultivation medium in maintenance of intracellular PA contents in the cells of the two cell culture systems, differing markedly in growth rate and PA metabolism is discussed.
Autoři z ÚEB: Milena Cvikrová, Eva Zažímalová