Laboratoř rostlinných biotechnologií

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Petr Soudek
Rozvojová 313, 165 02 Praha 6 - Lysolaje
soudekatueb [dot] cas [dot] cz
+420 225 106 805
+420 225 106 8xx

The Laboratory of Plant Biotechnologies, the former Department of Plant Tissue Cultures on Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, was founded in 1993, but it has a 20- year background in PTC work. The collection of in vitro cultures of different plant species consists of about 500 selected strains or clones of about 20 species. The Laboratory has all facilities needed for succesful aseptical work with plant cells in vitro. In the earlier period many new unique cultures of medicinal plants were established, both callus and suspensions, and especially methodical problems were studied. These included introduction of new immobilization methods, design of fermenter vessels,sterilisation of nutrient media by chemical means, etc. Studies of production of glycoalkaloids by Solanum aviculare or biotransformation of organic compounds by plant cells (pesticides, etc.) were later shifted to studies of other plants of medicinal importance, and more environmentally oriented studies concerning basic research aspects of phytoremediation, the use of plants for removal of contaminants from the environment. Despite its short tradition the Laboratory served as training site of many undergraduate and PhD students from different universities, the staff was also involved in the organisation of international conferences.


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